West Coast Beer Travels Coming Soon

I love loooove LOVE San Diego, but I’ve been dreading writing this post for months now. Tackling 20+ breweries in 3 days was hard enough, but writing about them too?! So there is going to be a San Diego/LA mini series (or else it will never get done) that will cover my beer travels by day. Before we get to that though, we need to start with Vegas.

Now for some background. I’m a cheap person when it comes to plane tickets. I’ll spend a ton on food, entertainment, even hotels, but plane tickets… no. So we flew into Las Vegas, because obviously paying like $50 for a round trip flight is worth the 5 hour drive to San Diego (or was it? Perhaps that’s a blog for another day). Plus, I could stop in Los Angeles which I’ve always wanted to see.

Banger Brewing- Fremont Street Experience

We got into Las Vegas on New Year’s Day– starting off 2017 right! It’s only fitting I visited the brewery with my STILL FAVORITE beer of 2017, the Morning Joe coffee kolsch at Banger Brewing, that day. I could go on and on, but nothing I say in words can explain this beer.

I hate kolsches, but this beer was simply amazing. If you closed your eyes and sniffed it, you’d think you were smelling coffee. If you drank it, you’d wonder if you’re drinking iced coffee or beer. If you were told it’s beer, you’d open your eyes and expect to see a dark stout. But here it is!!! YUM. If you’re ever in old Vegas , just go and figure out how to bring a growler back with you.

The beer is obviously number one in this photo, because I was too excited to drink it I couldn’t wait for the picture. I gave it a whopping 4.75 stars on Untappd, my highest rated beer ever. While this beer was clearly THE best, their other beers were delicious too. We tried:

Brother Jud’s (stout)- 4 stars

Turtle Head Peak (IPA)- 3.75 stars

Night Cap (stout)- 3.5 stars

El Heffe Jalapeno Wheat (Hefeweizen)- 3.5 stars

We also went to Triple 7 brewery, but that’s nothing to write home about. Lackluster beers and bad service.

Bright and early Monday morning, I got in my hybrid rental car (because Cali) and hit the road to LA.

Part 1 coming soon. I love a cliff hanger 🙂

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