My Relationship with Beer

Beer Flight

How did I come to love beer, you ask?

Of course I spent a lot of time drinking beer (and coffee) in college– but I mean real beer. It didn’t take long after graduating college to realize there was more to beer than Natty Light. In my defense, craft coffee and beer is an expensive hobby so I couldn’t afford this same class back then.

Fast forward to 2012. I’m in a new city trying to make friends. Being cool and hanging with the boys meant drinking beer. One day, I expanded my horizons to Blue Moon– this was life changing. Indeed, when you spend more than a couple bucks on a six pack, beer COULD and DID taste good. Before you know it, I was experimenting with a ton of “fancy” beers on the import menu. (oohhhh ahhhh!)

That allowed me to discover true local craft beers.

It’s 2013 and I’m living in Cincinnati. I’m at some networking event at MadTree Brewing. I hate networking actually– how awkward and painful. Needless to say, the beer definitely helped. And it was amazing beer! I’m thinking to myself “this is the worst but best night ever”.

Thanks, MadTree. There it begins. Craft beer life as I know it.

Sort of.

I was actually alone on my craft beer adventure then. My boyfriend “preferred Bud Light” (I’m sorry, what?) for quite a while into our relationship. You best believe I tried my hardest to change that– and slowly, brewery by brewery, I did. Luckily this was around the time the craft beer revolution began. Right place, right time! Cincinnati started exploding with breweries. It wasn’t hard to grab a good craft beer and convince someone they love it. And here we are today! We’re traveling across America, brewery to brewery. Together. Everyone loves a happy ending.


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  1. Denise says:

    I cannot believe it’s been 5 years that you’ve been enjoying your experiences and increasing your expertise!

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