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ListermannsI figured it’s time to give my city some love on this blog. I love documenting my travels (mainly so I can keep everything straight) and tend to forget to talk about the awesome breweries in Greater Cincinnati. I really am so lucky to be surrounded by so many tasty beers and I’m going to do a better job talking about them.

As my weekends without plans tend to go, Saturday turned into a self-guided brewery tour. I honestly try SO hard to have a “chill at home” weekend, but I get bored easily. Anyone want to bet $5 I end up at Rhinegeist today for their IPA release in 2 hours? Quick– must finish this blog!

Our first stop on Saturday was Listermanns. It’s probably been a year since I had been there and they’ve been doing a lot of IPA can releases so we figured we’d check it out. Sadly, there were no IPAs on tap however. They had a Chickow infusion takeover so perhaps that’s why– we had SIX different types of this imperial stout. It’s an aggressive beer to start with and not my favorite style, so I was a little disappointed on this stop. It was exciting to see the the updates to the taproom since I’d been there though. They rearranged the main bar area and added another space full of picnic tables and games. Also, they’re apparently releasing a new DIPA called Babycat Meowface and the can has a cat on it (along with a Vanilla Strawberry IPA called Sabotage), so I obviously need to stop back on June 3.

Listermanns Taproom

March First BrewingNext we drove all the way up to March First Brewing, which is the newest Cincinnati brewery in Sycamore Township (but don’t hold me to that, there’s a new one every few weeks it seems). Their motto plastered on the ceiling is “Ohio’s most drinkable craft beer”. While I know this is a positive statement and appeals to most, I was immediately worried. I tend to be the crazy beer drinker, wanting wild experimental things vs staple beer. As soon as I saw this I knew it wouldn’t be my favorite place, however I do recognize this beer is probably loved by others so that’s not a bad thing. Their statement held true– the beer was drinkable but nothing that rocked my world. They did have a more experimental Mango Jalapeno and that was pretty tasty.


Narrow Path BeerUp next was Narrow Path. It’s in a historic area of Loveland in an old automotive garage. They had great beers and a cool space with a large back yard. I feel like there hasn’t been a lot of talk about this one despite being open a few months now. Their beer was more along the lines of what I like with unique flavors like a caribbean stout, irish coffee stout and coconut porter. I’d highly recommend checking this place out.

Our intention was to go home after this, however once we’re out it saddens us to think about going home. So we stopped by (the world’s worst) Chipotle for dinner and made our way back south to stop by Fifty West and Streetside before resigning to a movie on the couch.

Fifty West Production WorksI was hoping Fifty West would have new beers since the last time I’d been there, but they were out of the pale ale we wanted to try and only had a black IPA I hadn’t tried before. We went to the Production Works side though and I’m not sure if this is the case inside the house. Not wasting precious tummy space on beers we’ve had before, we decided to share the IPA and be on our way. Side note- if you haven’t been there since they’ve opened Production Works across the street from the house, I’d recommend going. It’s a whole different industrial vibe plus the volleyball courts! I will say I was disappointed they don’t do flights on that side. Since that’s my thing (, I think I’ll need to stick with the original space.

My last stop was Streetside Brewery. This brewery has quickly climbed in my Cincinnati rankings! It was my third time here and I’m so glad I gave it another chance- the first time we had an unfriendly bartender and it ruined the experience. For me, it’s not just about beer. It’s also about the space and the people. I love chatting it up about beer (obviously). The second time I went I was amazed by the beer– especially Return of the Mac, a coffee blonde ale– and I didn’t experience the same disappointing service. This time, “beyond amazed” is the correct statement. With the windows open and the place buzzing, I could hang out there all day.

Streetside Raspberry BeretWhat I loved most is that they had a few new options only a couple weeks later! I could go on and on about the Raspberry Beret which was refreshing and beautiful. I mean, look at this thing! The LOL DIPA was really good and the Shadez and Bikiniz sour was so tasty. Also, you know if I have a beer twice that it’s good. If I have a pint of it, you know it’s REALLY good. I had a pint of both Raspberry Beret and Return of the Mac. Streetside, I love you.

Here’s a full list of everything I tried yesterday. Check out my Untappd (beeristabarista) for additional details.


  • Chickow with Orange
  • Chickow Espresso
  • Chickow Banana Chocolate
  • Nut Case Peanut Butter Porter Nitro
  • Blueberry Lime Tart
  • Chickow Cinnamon
  • Chickow Barrel Aged Maple
  • Chickow Hazelnut

March First

  • Dry Limed Cider
  • Denali IPA
  • Denali with Mango & Jalapeno
  • Craft Lager

Narrow Path

  • Dred Lokt
  • Coconut Porter
  • Irish Coffee Stout
  • Tire Patch IPA

Fifty West

  • Gunnison Black IPA


  • Raspberry Beret
  • Return of the Mac
  • L.O.L.
  • Shadez and Bikiniz
  • Burt Macklin

I should also probably write about my Baron’s Brew Bus tour of other local Cincy breweries, so stay tuned for that soon.

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    Thanks for reading and subscribing! I’m glad too, you definitely have some of my favorite beers 🙂 Looking forward to all your new creations.

  2. Denise says:

    Your enthusiasm and knowledge grow more and more with each blog you write! So fun to read!!

  3. Kathie says:

    Hi there! It’s Kathie from Streetside. I’m glad you liked our place and I’m really sorry about your first experience. I’m so happy you gave us a second (and third) chance! Your photos look great and make me want a Raspberry Beret right now!

    I love your writing style and am subscribing today! I look forward to reading about more of your beerventures!

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