Nashville: Good for Music & Beer Lovers


Only beer could make a city full of live music, random celebrity appearances and hot chicken even better. Let’s talk about Nashville beer.

Tailgate BreweryNashville is a fun place! Over the past few years, it seems to have gone through some crazy development. Housing is booming, bars are booming… oh, and of course tourism is booming. All those bachelorettes parties can drive a sane person crazy- that’s why I try to avoid Broadway 🙂 It’s fun for a few hours, but I’m personally a fan of the newly developed/less touristy areas like Music Row, Gulch and Germantown.

Anyway, I’m here to talk about beer. Beer is booming. Some of my favorite breweries are in Nashville. In fact, Nashville may actually host my favorite brewery. Spoiler alert: it’s hard to top Bearded Iris IPAs.

Here’s my abbreviated list, from top to bottom, of the Nashville breweries I visited.

  • Bearded Iris Brewing
  • Southern Grist Brewing
  • Tailgate Brewery
  • Blackstone Brewery
  • New Heights Brewing
  • Jackalope Brewing
  • Fat Bottom Brewery
  • East Nashville Beer Works
  • Smith and Lentz Brewing
  • Tennessee Brew Works
  • Black Abbey Brewery
  • Yazoo Brewing

My top three blow many other breweries away, so much so that I recently took another day trip down just for a can release and some chill time at these spots. I could seriously go on and on, so I’m going to write a separate blog detailing the breweries and beer.

In the meantime, I’ll also leave you with some other Nashville recommendations.

  • Food: Hattie B’s Hot Chicken (go on an off lunch hour) & Wild Eggs (breakfast)
  • Bar: Flying Saucer Draught Emporium (lots of beer), Pinewood Social (bowling and a pool?!) & Nudie’s (awesome bands, not all country)
  • Activities: Opryland Resort (wander until you’re lost) & Parthenon (still not sure why this is there, but it’s cool)
  • Coffee: Steadfast (awesome outdoor area) & Barista Parlor (amazing pastries, multiple locations)

Enjoy the Music City!

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