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Boulevard Brewery Process

“Am I in Kansas or Missouri?” was the question I repeatedly asked myself while in Kansas/Missouri. Yes, you can’t help the fact that your city is on the state border, but can we just agree that carrying over the name in both states was absurd? Anyway I’m still not sure what state I was in most of the day, but let’s figure it out together as I write this blog.

I can tell you I started my day in Kansas.

(Pause for a fact check.)

It was actually Missouri. The airport is in MISSOURI.

So other than the fantastic beer, why head to Kansas City? Because they have a great deal on your dream car and it’s just calling your name from the used car lot (in Kansas). What’s a girl to do? Obviously cash in her frequent flyer miles, get a one way plane ticket, pray not to get kidnapped when a random employee picks her up from the airport, hope the car functions, and then drive 9 hours back across the boring midwest plains. Well it obviously all turned out alright, but I do not recommend this.

What I DO recommend is checking out these breweries if you already happen to be in the area! Either Kansas OR Missouri 🙂  These breweries happen to be in Missouri.

Boulevard Brewing

Boulevard Brewery FlightBoulevard is amazing! It’s a huge facility. In fact, I accidentally parked on the opposite side where they conduct tours and probably private events from the looks of it. I walked around in circles for 5 minutes until I found out there was an entirely different building for the taproom.

When you first come in, the first floor has a large gift shop where they also sell their canned beer.  Upstairs is an open indoor/outdoor space full of windows, plenty of tables, and neat stuff like a photo booth. They had set flights to choose from- I’m not sure if that’s a regular thing or because it was a busy weekend. I wasn’t too upset by this because they had the “Easter Bunny” flight– full of hoppy beer! They were super excited to tell that joke (it was Easter weekend).

The beers I tried were:

  • The Calling
  • Single-Wide IPA
  • 8-Acre Hoppy Wheat Beer
  • Test- Extra Pale Ale

Overall it was great beer and an awesome place, make sure you go!

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Double Shift Brewing

Double Shift BreweryLess than 10 minutes away was Double Shift. It’s a smaller brewery in an old bike shop, however it had garage doors allowing the indoor/outdoor setup and fresh air. I wanted to try a few beers, but since I was driving I didn’t want to order a bunch and waste it. The bartender graciously poured me half the amount of beer in a flight after I told her I was driving all the way back to Cincinnati. Perfection!

I tasted the following:

  • Turk Kahvesi
  • Kitchen Sink
  • Don’t Call Me Radio
  • 18th & Hype

It’s a cute place, I’d recommend checking it out. Plus it’s only half a mile to Torn Label.

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Torn Label Brewing Co.

When visiting, rest assured you’re in the right place! It’s an industrial building and barren surroundings (which was the case for a lot of the Kansas City I saw), but the taproom is around back past the chain link fence/gate. It felt a bit worn down and I wouldn’t say it’s the coolest place to hang out, but they did have a covered deck area. Most importantly, the beer was good. Their motto is to make challenging, adventurous beer– sign me up!

The Magic Magic IPA I had was brewed with raspberry and lemon peel. Yum! I also tried Hang ‘Em High Batch 11 and Darkest Timeline.

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And that was that! It was time to hit the road home in my new car. For those curious, I only made it to St. Louis before I had to pitstop for the night. Sadly I was so exhausted, I couldn’t even brew tour the city. Add it to the list!

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