Beer Science 101: Infuse Beer with a French Press

Infuse Beer with Fruit

Sometimes you’re in the mood for a fruity beer in the dead of winter. As a problem solver, I decided to perform a little experiment.

Combining my two loves, beer and coffee, I decided to use my french press to infuse the beer I had on hand. Having little faith in my abilities, I grabbed both a MadTree PSA and Rhinegeist Crash. It’s always best to prepare for failure, and this case was no exception.

I figured strawberries would pair well with the milder session and pineapples could play up the pale ale. Commence experimentation.

MadTree PSAPSA with Strawberries

I cut up the strawberries in halfs and fourths. In retrospect, I probably should have cut these up even more to have more juicy surface area. So dice them up and throw them into the french press.  Add the beer and let this soak for a few minutes– maybe 3-5? My official method of timing was a full Ed Sheeran song, as this is obviously the most scientific way to go about things.

Once Ed is done singing, push the top of the handle down slowly until you reach the fruit. Don’t continue pushing it down so far that you mash up all the fruit and have chunky beer.


That’s it. Pour it out. It actually tastes like strawberries. However, it did seem to make the beer a little less hoppy so if you like your hops, try a different combo.

Crash with Pineapple

I’ll be honest up front– this one was a fail. The beer is a little more aggressive, so perhaps it needed to soak longer or maybe pineapple just isn’t a good match. Who knows, I’m an amateur. Anyway, I couldn’t taste the pineapple so give it a try with another beer and let me know if it works out. I’m sadly out of pineapple and patience.

Has anyone else tried to infuse beer with something other than fruit? I’ve love to hear! Share your story in the comments.

Happy Beer-DIYing!

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