Fort Collins Breweries

New Belgium

Life has escaped me! Since my last post, I got married and moved to California. It would appear my blog was neglected in the process. For those on the edge of their seats waiting to hear about Fort Collins breweries, today is the big day.

Let’s keep it short and sweet to get back in the swing of things. Here’s a list of my faves, in order:

New Belgium Brewing Company

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This place wasn’t as blown out as Asheville, which makes sense as the original, however it was still very nice. The brewery had a “campus” with an outdoor area that’d be nice to chill out. Unfortunately we were in a rush to catch our plane 🙁

Snowbank Brewing

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This place is really good and just around the corner from Odell! The vibe wasn’t my favorite (more strip-mall/commercial feel), so we got the beer and moved on. It’s always a such a balance to find delicious beer and the perfect hang out.

Odell Brewing Company

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I didn’t realize how big this place was going to be. Honestly, I hadn’t heard of it before but it seemed like a big operation. The place was huge and they had a massive outdoor area with seating, food truck (corn dogs!), a band… oh and a photobooth. It was fun to hang out there a while.


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This was a pretty small place, however they had a decent selection of experimental and barrel-aged beers while we were there. The downside was the location was a bit further out so we had to Uber.

The final two breweries we went to were Equinox and Coppersmith. These were more old-school and nothing to write home about, however they are in the “downtown” area so pop on by to at least see them and explore.

Fort Collins was worth the trip to see, however it was my least favorite city of the three we stayed. Boulder had a nice cozy feel and we loved the nature surrounding it. Downtown had so much to do and see, and was of course walkable. It seemed like Fort Collins was more spread out and it didn’t bring the same excitement.

Last but not least, Weldwerks Brewing!

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Weldwerks does not fall into the Denver, Boulder or Fort Collins bucket (about an hour from each) however if you can make it out to Greeley you definitely should- their beer is amazing! Since our trip I’ve had quite a few of their cans, delicious dessert-like stouts and juicy IPAs. Wish I could go back!

Remember, we spent about a day in each of these places though so I’d love to hear your thoughts if you had more time to explore!

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