Grab a Beer in Boulder

Lefthand Brewing

Avery BrewingAfter spending a couple days in downtown Denver, we ventured north for a night in Boulder. If you’re into nature, you’ll love Boulder. There were plentiful hiking options and beautiful mountain scenery. In terms of beer, I didn’t love the city as much as Denver though. However it’s a short drive and worth the trip even if you just visit the first few I list- my favorites! Oh, and the churro waffle sundae I had from Fior Gelato. A MUST!

Odd13 Brewing

Modern space, cool vibes, juicy beer! We liked basically everything we had on tap at Odd13 and it was one of our favorites of the entire trip.

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Liquid Mechanics

Another top brewery on the trip! While I was probably swayed by the garageย door andย planks (per usual), the beer stacked up to some of the best in Denver.

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Avery Brewing

Avery has one of those bigger “campus” type feels. They had a large outdoor area and an adjoining taproom/bar area with food. There’s another space upstairs where they have a gift shop (with awesome hop hats) and offer self-guided tours to get a behind the scenes look. We both got one of course- then proceeded to take a lot of selfies on the tour.

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After hitting up these three, I’d recommend the others (in this order) if you have additional time:

  • VisionQuest Brewery
  • Sanitas Brewing
  • Oskar Blues Brewery
  • Left Hand Brewing
  • Twisted Pine
  • FATEย Brewing
  • West Flanders Brewing Co

Have a blast!

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