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Lineage Brewing

As an Ohio State grad, Columbus is near and dear to my heart. When I was there of course, I was drinking less craft and more crap. College budget problems. In my defense, I don’t think there were a ton of good beer options during my time there anyway. As soon as I graduated, there was more development around Short North and downtown (which is where many of the breweries are) with more upscale establishments and drink choices.

Every time I go back, there’s more and more to do. More coffee. More beer. More Ohio State football wins 🙂

This summer, we went to Buckeye Country Superfest festival at the Shoe. We of course arrived early and stayed late to try all of the Columbus beer. In addition to seeing Kip Moore, Zac Brown and Keith Urban, we managed to stop by seven breweries- impressive! Even more impressive, we weren’t murdered in our shady hotel near the fairgrounds. The things we do for good beer.

Here’s my order of favorites from the Columbus breweries we visited.

  1. Lineage Brewing
  2. Platform Beer Co
  3. Hoof Hearted Brewery
  4. Wolf’s Ridge Brewing
  5. Seventh Son Brewing
  6. North High Brewing
  7. Elevator Brewery

Top three details below!

Lineage Brewing

Lineage Brewing
Lineage Brewing

While most breweries are in the Short North/downtown area, Lineage is on the opposite side, north of Ohio State’s campus. Don’t let that deter you! It’s a short drive and the beer is awesome. Plus there’s a parking lot. I love when parking is easy.

Their beers were so delicious we went twice that weekend- and a third quick trip when we were up a few weeks later for another concert. In fact, Andrew went a fourth time a few weeks after that, prompting the (same) bartender to say “You’re sure here a lot for someone who lives in Cincinnati!” Whoops.

Here’s the beers I’ve had by them, in order of preference:

  • Oscura Obscura (blonde coffee stout- yum!)
  • Space Echo (NE style IPA, super soft!)
  • Passionate Bernice (oh the sour!)
  • Grip It By the Husk
  • Spacefruit
  • Spaceship #6
  • Ispolin’s Bane
  • Weekend at Bernice’s
  • Alobar

These are probably the most uniformly high beers I’ve ever rated. That’s a difficult feat, congrats Lineage.

Platform Beer Co

Platform Beer Co
Platform Beer Co

I’m a huge fan of Platform since I grew up in Cleveland. Now I of course did not grow up drinking beer, but I still go back a lot to visit family and I discovered their beer that way. I was pumped to find out they were opening a taproom in Columbus as a two hour drive is much easier than a four hour drive. Rumor has it they are also opening a taproom in Cincinnati, so I’m crossing my fingers for that announcement! A 15 minute drive wins.

The Platform Beer Columbus space is awesome. It’s huge, open, bright, and has a small outdoor area. We’ve actually been here twice so far. I actually prefer it more than the Cleveland one. Here’s my list of beer faves:

  • I Like Beer (yes, that’s the name)
  • Saphir Clouds
  • Speed Merchant
  • Elevated Hop Ramble
  • City Boy
  • Becky Blueberry Cider

I’ve also had a ton of other cans since they’re distributing closer my way (Mosaic Mist, Warrah, High Brow Barista to name a few) as well as brews at festivals/bars. They’re all pretty good! Check this place out.

Hoof Hearted Brewery

Hoof Hearted
Hoof Hearted Brewing

Be careful with this name, otherwise people are going to look at you strange when you say you love “who farted”. Moving on.

This actual brewery is in the middle of nowhere Columbus (Marengo) and I have not been there. They do however have a taproom and restaurant conveniently located in Short North. The food is awesome and so is the beer. Side note: there’s a legit swimming pool off the back patio area. I don’t know if you can just get a beer and swim or what, but it’s interesting. If you find out, let me know.

For whatever reason, Hoof Hearted beer seems to gets around the beer community. From east to west coast, I’ll always see a ton of beer can pictures on my Instagram. Yes the beer is great, but it seems odd to me since it’s a random brewery in Marengo, Ohio. I’m not sure what gets breweries/beer trades trending, it’s interesting. Anyone??? I guess I should just count myself lucky to live near it!

When we were there it was mainly an aggressive DIPA tap selection, however I’ve since tried a few other styles in cans that I love. I’ll give a total summary here since they’re all worth your time:

  • Hot Probz
  • Who’d Like To Hold My Clipboard
  • Shave the Bear
  • The Big Reveal
  • Bulgin Musk
  • Skin Froot
  • Everybody Wants Some Belma
  • Rose Gose
  • Jacuzzi Shorts

I’m feeling a little too lazy to detail the rest, however I did want to call out that Wolf’s Ridge is also awesome (with great food as well) so you should for sure check that out while you’re at it. Drink on, Columbus. You’re doing good things!

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