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It’s not often I road trip up and across I-75 to the West side, but when I do, it’s for beer.

I know there’s the whole East side vs West side rivalry thing here in Cincinnati, but I’m originally from Cleveland and I now live on the side of the river everyone hates anyway (AKA Kentucky), so I guess I won’t ever understand. HOWEVER, I will say a trip to the West side is my nightmare. I’ve always been a highway-loving gal. If my destination isn’t right off the exit, I don’t want to go. So, I really just don’t understand how anyone has the patience for side roads and getting to/around the West side. But I’ll do it every so often for a good beer!

Brink Brewing CoAfter filling the tank and packing some snacks for the long haul (slight exaggeration), I set out to check out some of the West side breweries this weekend. Here’s the scoop:

Brink Brewing Co.

Located in College Hill, this is one of Cincy’s newest microbreweries. Overall, I loved the atmosphere with its modern, natural decor and the beers were pretty tasty. Plus they had a large parking lot– score! I loved the Like A Boss IPA and would highly recommend trying that.

I tried the following beers, in order of preference:

Like A Boss (IPA)

Brink Brown (English Brown Ale)

Fashionably Late (Indian Session Ale)

Broken Sprocket (American Amber Ale)

Even Flow (Pale Wheat Ale)

Cincinnati Brewery

Fibonacci Brewing Company

This nanobrewery in Mt. Healthy was really refreshing and low-key. It seemed like the perfect afternoon hangout, setup in a quaint but remodeled building with ton of natural light flowing in the space. I talked with the owner while there and she mentioned plans to develop an additional outdoor space this summer. I’m all about outdoor hangouts in the summer!

Here’s the beers I tried, starting at the top:

Fibonacci BrewingGalacto, Brute? (Brown Ale)

The Tollhouse (Stout)

Marty’s Hamilton Ave (IPA)

Earth Daisy (IPA)

Dummy Tripel (Belgian Tripel)

We had just missed a few other seasonal beers, including a Pepper Stout, which we were bummed about. According to their website, they’ve also had a really interesting variety of previous beers like a pumpkin porter with Holtman’s bacon donuts (say what!).

Urban Artifact

This place is in the basement of an old church. While it’s remodeled, I definitely felt like I was in a church basement and their bathrooms were a tad creepy. Also, I thought it stunk a bit– but hey, that’s the smell of history? Even though it’s not my kind of spot, their beer is great!

Urban ArtifactHere’s my favorites:

Otso (Brown Ale)

Phrenology (IPA)

Sliderule (Gose)

Maize (Lager)

Habanero Lime Finn (Berliner Weisse)

Now that they can their beer, I think I’d prefer to just grab a six-pack versus hang out there. Definitely still check it out though, as you may disagree. Especially if you’re a hearty Westsider. Plus, you can take a really hipster B&W photograph like this one.

Until next time, stay thirsty!



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    Awesome! Thanks for making the trip for us to find all this out!

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