My Cincinnati Brewery Rankings

Cincinnati Breweries

While I’ve traveled near and far, I’ve recently been on a mission to hit up the hometown breweries. There’s a bunch of Cincinnati breweries I hadn’t been to in a while so I decided to do my due diligence and stop by a few to make sure my rankings were solid.

While these could these be even more thoroughly vetted, here’s my list as of today:

  1. MadTree Brewing
  2. Braxton Brewing
  3. Streetside Brewery
  4. Rhinegeist Brewery
  5. Woodburn Brewery
  6. Rivertown Brewery
  7. Nine Giant Brewing
  8. Brink Brewing Co.
  9. Blank Slate Brewing
  10. Urban Artifact
  11. Narrow Path Brewing
  12. Taft’s Ale House
  13. Listermann’s Brewery
  14. Fifty West Brewing
  15. Municipal Brew Works
  16. Darkness Brewing
  17. Fibonacci Brewing
  18. Mt. Caramel Brewing
  19. Christian Moerlein Brewing
  20. Bad Tom Smith Brewing
  21. Wooden Cask Brewing
  22. DogBerry Brewing
  23. March First Brewing
  24. Hofbrahaus (in the event that counts)
  25. Figleaf Brewing

MadTree Entry

My top five often fluctuate amongst themselves, however I listed MadTree as number one as they tend to have a large variety and try new things, while also distributing, maintaining a huge facility and have an ongoing outstanding quality of beer.

StreetsideI debated between Braxton and Streetside for spot 2 and I may change my mind by tomorrow even, but I put Braxton at two since they recently opened Labs and I dig that initiative.

I could see a lot of the newer guys, like Nine Giant or Brink, climbing in the ranks as they evolve. I’m actually curious to see what my rankings will look like in a few months as breweries are trying new things or my preferences change.

Obviously this is my opinion and subject to the styles I like (more experimentals, IPAs, sours, etc. versus lagers or kolsch) so I know most will not agree with this list. Also, with all the new breweries, this is not a complete list (Queen City and West Side coming soon!). Feel free to share any others I’m missing.

Let’s get the conversation going- what are your fave Cincy breweries ranked?

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