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  • Grab a Beer in Boulder

    Lefthand Brewing

    After spending a couple days in downtown Denver, we ventured north for a night in Boulder. If you’re into nature, you’ll love Boulder. There were plentiful hiking options and beautiful mountain scenery. In terms of beer, I didn’t love the city as much as Denver though. However it’s a short drive and worth the trip […]

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  • Beer in the Mile High City

    We gave up beer for a few days after our trip to Denver. Why? Because we went to more than THIRTY breweries in 4.5 days. That can wear out even the most mighty beer drinker. Did I regret it? No. Our beer trip to Colorado was in September- I’m months behind on posting, per usual. We’d been wanting to […]

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  • CANvitational in Indianapolis

    Typically I find myself at the local Cincinnati beer festivals once or twice a year. Fun! However, I’ve found that I’ve already tried most of the beer, or at least had something from that particular brewery already. Since I’m one to continually try new beers and breweries, it’s not the best scenario for me personally. Though I will […]