Adventures in the Big Apple

Nothing is better than New York City during Christmas.

The whole city just feels alive with festive decorations, lights and music. I could do without the crowds, but that’s New York for you. This time around I stayed in Brooklyn to be a little more low-key (and cheap). Let me tell you, Brooklyn is amazing. It’s historic, it’s convenient, and there’s great breweries right around there. People tried to freak me out like “ohhh… you’re staying in Brooklyn…?” (look of terror/disgust). Don’t buy into that.

Now I’ll get into all of this, but first, a public service announcement: If you want to travel more but can’t afford crazy airfare prices, fly Allegiant and sign up for their emails. Every time they release a new route, they offer flights from $19+. I flew to NYC for LESS THAN $100 round trip.

Ballin’ on a budget!

That’s my secret folks. Yes yes, you’ll hear people complaining about smaller seats, paying extra for bags, delay issues, etc. but I’ve flown with them 4 times with no issues yet (and I’m a bit of a travel diva). Jam pack your bag, accept you have less leg room, and you’re good to go. SO MUCH EXTRA MONEY FOR BEER!

Okay, let’s get on with it.

If you go to New York, I highly recommend going between the Thanksgiving and Christmas timeframe to experience its winter wonderland-ness. Sure, it was a tad chilly but luckily there’s a ton of great coffee shops around to keep you warm! Before I get into the beer, here’s a couple other suggestions:

  • Fifth Ave/Rockefeller Center
  • Any Broadway show
  • Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island
  • 9.11 Museum
  • DUMBO for Brooklyn Roasting Company (yummmm coffee) and a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Please Don’t Tell, a speakeasy with tasty cocktails secretly hidden behind a phone booth
  • McSorley’s, the oldest bar in NYC. You get two beer choices– dark & light.


Sadly we were just in New York for 3 days, so we only got to 3 breweries with all of our other activities. We went to Brooklyn Brewery, Greenpoint Beer and Ale, and Keg & Lantern Brewing.

Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn BreweryThe brewery was actually a lot less commercial than I expected. It seemed like a very chill/hipster atmosphere (or maybe that was just my boyfriend trying to be hipster) with crowds of friends at picnic tables. When you first walk in, you need to buy tokens which are used for getting the beer. While this is convenient and keeps lines moving, it’s unfortunate when you overbuy tokens and then overdrink (guilty… we obviously weren’t going to waste them).

I tried the following, in order of preference:

Brooklyn Brown Ale

American Ale

Defender IPA

Brooklyn Pilsner



Greenpoint Beer and Ale

This was less than a half mile walk from Brooklyn Brewery, so definitely check it out if you’ll be in the area. The bar was huge and wrapped around basically full circle. They had tasty beer and delicious food, plus a little stove/fire burning which I enjoyed (for heat and atmosphere vibes).

I had the following beers:

Security Blanket, Amber (I gave this a rare 4 star!)

Efflorescence, Pilsner

Milk and Honey, Blonde

Runner, Porter

Flannel Shirt, IPA

From there, we walked another half mile to Keg & Lantern Brewery. If you follow along this tour, we did pitstop at Spritzenhauss33 and I’d highly recommend that as well. German food, a TON of beers and an overall awesome space.

Keg & Lantern Brewery

This place was more like a sports bar. The beers I had were pretty good, but it didn’t have the chill brewery vibe I usually go for. The area it’s in is adorable though, and since it’s such a short walk, I’d still recommend checking it out. Here’s what I had:

Baltic Seabed Porter (rare 4 star!)

Twilight Black IPA

Gastronomical IPA

Green Eyes IPA

Best of all, you can take a photo with this sweet backdrop.

Keg and Lantern

And that’s a wrap on my NYC adventure! I know I missed a ton of breweries, so let me know your favorites for next time 🙂

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